Weekly AGU is a goal success platform designed to help people achieve personal and professional growth and development across all areas of life. 
Type of Work: • End-User and Market Research • Wireframes • Interactive and Clickable Prototypes • High-Fidelity Designs • Front-End Implementation  • Usability Testing and Analysis 
Team: Remote Team 
Role: UX Research and Design, Front-End Support
Theme: Positivity-focused - people-first goal success platform - across all spheres of life.   
Featured Screenshots - Mobile
Lounge Dashboard: Stats, Activity Feed
New Goal: OKR Methodology (main objective with measurable key success metrics)
Network Builder: Build a List of Helpful Contacts
Lounge Dashboard - Desktop
Featuring key performance stats and network activity streams. 
Supportive Work Samples
Welcome Checklist set up in AppCues for Onboarding New Account Holders. 
HotJar Analytics
Usability and analytic tracking. 
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